Important Recital Information

Important Recital Information PLEASE READ


Recital Dates:   Saturday, May 4th at 7PM & Sunday, May 5th at 2 PM - 2024

(Theme - tba )

Location:  Richland Center High School Auditorium


Tickets:  General Admission $15.00 each.  Tickets are date specific and all guests sitting in a seat MUST have a ticket as our show sells out. 


Tickets will be available beginning in April  at dance pictures and then will be available for purchase April 22nd until show dates.  You can order tickets by stopping at the ticket table during pictures or filling out the ticket form and returning with your dancer.  We will process the forms immediately and send home tickets.  Tickets can also be purchased at Robin’s Nest Country Gifts & Flowers, 383 W. 3rd Str, Richland Center, beginning April 22nd. Their business hours are the following:  9-5 Monday - Friday and Saturday 9 - noon. 



Recital Pictures:  Sunday, April 7th 9 am - 1:15 PM at the Richland Center Community Center. KL Schwartz will be the photographer.   Please wear your hair up (hair pieces on right side of head unless specified otherwise) & correct tights with each costume.  There are no envelopes to fill out.  Pictures can be ordered online after picture date.  


Dress Rehearsals:  ALL dancers MUST attend dress rehearsal on Friday, May 3rd beginning at 4:30 PM at the RCHS Auditorium.  Hair should be pulled up. All hair pieces will be worn so we can see if they need adjusting to stay in properly!   No stage make-up is necessary.  We will run all the younger kids dances in order in REGULAR dance clothes.  After we have run them we will ask all dancers to get into their first costume (PLEASE BRING ALL COSTUMES) and we will run our finale and then do a complete show run with all dancers.  This typically begins around 6:30 PM.  Once younger dancers have completed their final dance number they will be able to go home.  It shouldn’t be too late for our little ones.  All dancers who rehearsed on Wed. (Older dancers) do not have to be to dress rehearsal on Friday until 6 PM. 


Rehearsal Etiquette:  All young dancers must have ONE parent with them or be with ONE adult.  Please arrive through the auditorium doors no earlier then 4:15 and have a seat with your group in the auditorium.  PLEASE  do not let your dancers run wild during rehearsal.  They should be seated by you at all times unless they are dancing.  Please pay attention to call times and the order so they don’t miss their practice.  We do not wait or look for dancers.  ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES IN THE AUDITORIUM AT ANY TIME!!!


Dress Rehearsal Dinner:  We do not currently have a group running concessions during dress rehearsal.  If your group would like to do this please contact me to schedule.  If we don’t find a group you will be responsible for packing your own snacks for your dancers.


Recital Hair & Make-up:  All female dancers, unless notified differently, should wear their hair tightly secured in a bun with bangs up.  Hair off of face and neck.  Boys should have hair neatly styled.   All dancers should wear stage make-up to consist of blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and eye shadow.  (Stay away from light eye colors).   If you don’t wear make-up the stage lights will drown out your face.  No dangly earrings or necklaces please. 



Costumes:  Please bring all recital costumes to dress rehearsal and shows.  Tan tights are worn for tap/jazz and white for ballet.  Please label ALL of your belongings including shoes, tights, costumes, garment bags.  Hair pieces get placed on the RIGHT side of the head unless otherwise specified.  We do have extra tights available for purchase at recital pictures for $8 if you would like spares. 


SHOWS:  All dancers should arrive to the HS 30-45 minutes before showtime.  Dancers will go into their dressing rooms and get ready.  Young dancers should arrive IN their first costume.  Parents will drop off students at the designated dressing room and then you will be required to leave unless you are a backstage helper for that day.  Children are NOT allowed to leave and go into the auditorium or sit with you during the remainder of the show.  Parents are NOT allowed to come visit their kids during intermission or any other time UNLESS they are a back stage helper.  This is for the safety of all of our dancers.  Backstage is for DANCERS and backstage help ONLY.   Please follow these simple rules. 


Backstage Helpers:  We will have a sign up sheet posted on FB where you can sign up to be a backstage helper.  We only need the number asked for.   If you are a backstage helper you will be required to attend the Friday dress rehearsal and be backstage the entire time with your dance group on the day you have signed up for.  Backstage helpers help the kids get ready, take on bathroom breaks, make sure they are quiet and behaving in dressing rooms, walk them to the stage for performances, and assist younger kids on stage during finale.  You must arrive 45 minutes prior to show start to other dancers can be dropped off and you must wait for all dancers to get picked up before leaving.  It’s fun to help backstage because you get a whole different perspective of the show.  We appreciate all of you who give your time to do this.  Female parents only.  Thank you in advance! 


Recital DVD’s:  DVD’s of our recital are available for purchase. Blu-ray only at $35 each.  There is absolutely NO recording during performances.  Put your phones away and turn on silent and enjoy the show while allowing others to do the same.  You will be asked to leave if you are recording performances.  Please follow this simple rule and it is rude and a nuisance to be recording during shows.  To order please fill out the DVD form and return with full payment.  Forms can be turned in through Sunday’s show.  DVD’s will be available for pick up in June. 


Flowers:  We highly recommend Robin’s Nest for your dance recital gifts.  We will be sending home pre-order forms that you can order from and pick up at dance recital.  You will fill those out and return to me by the date on the form.  Coming home soon!


Reminder:  Our recitals sell out.  Do not wait to get your ticket orders organized.  Saturday typically goes quickly.  We do not HOLD tickets and we do not buy back tickets.  


Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  If you have done this before and can be of assistance to others please do so.  And please read this form thoroughly as many of your questions might be explained above.  We are looking forward to having a great recital!   The dancers are working so hard and they are going to be awesome!   We  will meet with all parents of our Dance Basics classes to go over this information and answer questions in person,    


Thank you!!!


Miss Monica & Staff